SUC is an independent school and admissions are at the discretion of the Principal and the management, in line with the educational policy. Admission to SIS is open to all without any distinction of caste, creed, color or religion. Assessment for admission is normally by informal interaction conducted between the Principal, student, both parents and caretakers. The interaction is conducted in a way that demonstrates the prospective student’s personality and capabilities.

« The school is committed to admit any child who clears the interaction, provided there is a vacancy. When there is no vacancy in the desired class, successful students will be placed on a waiting list and considered for the first available slot. Parents are advised to apply for admission at the earliest.

« As per the policy of the school, a child once admitted as a boarder will not be allowed to convert to the status of a day scholar. However, a day scholar may convert to a boarder, provided there is a vacancy in the Boarding House.

Boarding House Rules

« It is expected that each students displays his best and maintains cleanliness of his room and his surroundings. It is expected that every boarder follows the specific schedule of timings of the boarding house, especially rising up and lights out. Matters like bullying, harassing, ragging or hurting physically / mentally is dealt seriously and disciplinary action would be taken against the defaulter. Destruction or damage to school / boarding house property due to breakage or graffiti shall lead to penalization. Stealing, smoking, consuming drugs, alcohol, possession of objectionable and obscure material are offenses that would lead to direct expulsion of the student from the boarding house. Once admitted as a boarder, the student is not permitted to become a day scholar. Principal’s decision is final in all matters. Articles to be brought from home click here.

Dress Appearance

« Boarders are expected to be presentable at all times. Uniforms are to be worn as per the expectation of the school. Coloring of hair, inappropriate hair styling and body tattoos are not permissible. Students are not allowed to keep spray deodorants, correction fluids and hair styling gels. Hipster style trousers are not allowed. Fancy belts, rings, trinkets, make-up sets, nail polish, hair dyes will be confiscated if brought to school. All the belongings of every student must be listed and clearly marked. Boarders are expected to adhere to linen room timings given by the Housemaster. Phone Call / Electronic Gadget / Night Outing / Leave Boarders would be allowed to call up home once in a week for 10 minutes. Parents are not allowed to call the child. If they wish to take the feedback from Housemaster/Tutors/ Teachers, it should not be more than once a month. No electronic gadgets, PSP, Game boy are allowed in the possession of the students. The school will not be responsible for loss of such items. Students are not allowed to keep spray deodorants, correction fluids and hair styling gels. Boarders are not allowed leave during the school term except in the case of family medical emergency relating to any member of the immediate family (brother, sister, uncle, aunt.) Medical leave will be granted by the Principal. On return to the school, the student should deposit with the school infirmary all supporting medical documents and medical certificates including prescriptions.