School Principal Message

In a world torn by conflicts and differences in social,economic and political realms, we must try to unlock new ways of viewingproblems and open doors to a brand new world of potential solutions andperceptions.

Not withstanding Mark Twain’s views on schooling, we firmlybelieve schooling and education should be synonymous, at least to the extentthat schooling needs to be education-oriented. Education means an all-rounddevelopment of human potential and personality – physical, mental, moral andspiritual. Education, paves the path to knowledge and knowledge leads towisdom. Merit and excellence should be our watchwords and service to humanityour motto. We agree with John F Kennedy that, our progress as a nationcan be no swifter than our progress in education. We must remember that thehuman mind is our fundamental resource.

Thus, it is essential that we worktowards the maximum development of every young mind. Only then will we be ableto address our requirements of world leadership, our hopes for economic growthand our demands of able citizenship. Behind this development are the ideas and aspiration of allstakeholders. It is essential to get the ideas right, adopt them and correctlyimplement them with a focus on reviewing them constantly in the spirit ofinnovation. Each passing year is a learning experience; it is an endlessjourney which opens up new vistas of development, where there is neither scopenor room for pettiness, disharmony, jealousy, hatred enmity or complacency.Hence, we must all rise above the rhetoric and endeavor to make the world abetter place.

Mrs. Nusrat Javed


Saint Umar College Jhansi