OUR Vision

There is no limit to Education in terms of WHAT? HOW? WHERE?

Most of us agree that quality education is about possibilities. About success in real life, discovering the child’s innate talents Excitement in learning new things, being a good human being and a contributing citizen and almost everyone talks about it.

However not enough has been done about it. SUC has taken a step ahead to be a college ahead of its time, focusing on EXPERIENTIAL Learning.

SUC has a different approach towards learning. Here learning is based on the view – “A new Education for a New-Consciousness”. What is important in educating young children is to foster the spirit of inquiry and spontaneity that makes all learning a joyous discovery.

This approach to education is not so difficult to implement if we can free ourselves from certain conventions and preconceived ideas. But it requires, above all, that we remember that the child is a soul, an expression of the divine and the kindling of spirit of inquiry and sense of discovery can inspire the child to find just what he needs in order to become what she/he is.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to develop our children into versatile, thoughtful, productive & sensitive young people who are SUC’s mission is to provide a Biblically-based education that equips national and international students with the knowledge, character and skills to pursue both a tertiary education and their full potential.

« The vision is to see students and graduates as servant-leaders who will purposefully and positively influence the world.

« Student Outcomes (otherwise known as Expected Schoolwide Learning Results – ESLRs)

« Confident communicators: confident in themselves, God, others & in how to communicate their knowledge and beliefs.

« Holistic: broad based in order to be spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially healthy.

« Leaders: active participation as team players and servant-leaders.

« Original: creative and critical thinkers who learn to provide ideas and solutions to problems.

« Respectful: compassionate, honest, responsible and respectful of individuals, groups and the environment.

« Inquirers: life-long learners who continue to develop their curiosity, individual talents and passion for the truth.

« Diligent: industrious, exemplary and working to meet high expectations and achieve their potential.

« Equipped: Acquiring the knowledge and skills to make a difference both locally and globally.